Strawloo is owned and operated by Gary and Eileen Wheat, from their home in Avon, NY.

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Strawloo was started in 2007 as a shopping destination for used goods and antiques.

Gary and Eileen Wheat teamed up with their friends John and Cindy Kellen, and the crew spent several years collecting treasures and hosting “barn sales” at their property in Avon, NY.

Soon, they outgrew the barns and opened a store-front at the old Annis Dairy building on Route 15 near the Vintage Drive-In.

The new space became home to a giant display room, an ice-cream shop (“StrawMoo”) and a restaurant (“Mama Gilmore’s Bistro”).

In addition to running the store, the crew was also building a small inventory of useful equipment that they could rent out to friends and neighbors.

In 2012, the Strawloo gang made the tearful decision to close the doors on their retail business. They still hold the occasional barn sale, but now focus primarily on equipment rental.

Did you know? The name “Strawloo” came from a combination of Gary and Cindy’s nicknames. Gary “Wheat-straw” plus “Cindy-Loo” = “STRAWLOO”!